How can ArgusCache help me?

ArgusCache finally shows you what really happens inside your app at runtime. No more logging of different elements or using different tools.


Direct inspection

Look inside your application and see what resources don't change, but are still fully rendered with each request.


Performance improvements

Check out the potential improvements you can make by applying specific rules.


Instant effects

You can apply caching rules to your application instantly and see immediate effects.


How does ArgusCache work?

ArgusCache ties directly into your application server and analyses all activity that leaves your server or follows a certain pattern. The analysis phase will reveal:

  • what really happens in your application with external resources
  • unnecessary calls to the database
  • efficiency of caching rules
  • potential improvement of your site's performance
  • performance consumers by application

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ArgusCache Pricing

All prices are per Lucee Server context, per month

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Lucee do I need?

In order to run ArgusCache, you need at least version - ArgusCache will not work with any prior versions. Also, since the ArgusCache is an extension written for Lucee (a .lex file), it's not possibile to install it under Lucee 4.5.x.

How long can the analyzer remain enabled?

We have tested ArgusCache with the enabled analyzer for up to one week with a site that had over 10 req/s on average. The application consumed around 100MB for all the collected elements and entries until we removed all the elements.

When will ArgusCache be available for purchase?

At the moment we plan to release ArgusCache towards the beginning to mid March 2018. The Beta started in January 2018 and is planned for 6 weeks. Just monitor the Rasia Blog for details about the launch.

Are there any site licenses available?

Yes, ArgusCache can be purchased per context, per server and per organization. Please contact us for further details. The basic price is calculated per active context. The more contexts/servers/applications you have, the better it is to contact us directly for different, individual deal.

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